How Does COVID-19 Spread?

Date: 5 February 2021
Written by: KLIHC

COVID-19 in Malaysia has been running rampant recently, and it has been reflected in the number of cases. As responsible Malaysians, it is our duty to come together and abide by the SOPs as directed by our government so we can brace through this pandemic smoothly. In regards to that, let’s dive into how Covid-19 spreads and ways curb it!

So, how DOES it spread?

Human transmission

  • This is when you are within 6 feet from an infected person and breathe in the smaller respiratory droplets produced when they cough, sneeze, sing or talk. 

Airborne transmission

  • This takes place when a person breathes in the small droplets produced by an infected person that stay in the air for minutes or sometimes even hours after leaving a particular location.

Does this mean a person will not be infected if they were not within the vicinity? No.

There is sufficient evidence to show that the droplets can also infect those who were not within the vicinity. Due to its lightweight nature, the droplets can linger on when a place has adequate ventilation and travel more than 6 feet away and become concentrated enough to be spread around. 

Contact with contaminated surfaces.

  • Although there is no sufficient data to justify this, it is possible that when a person touches a surface or object that has been contaminated and touches their mouths, noses or eyes without washing their hands or sanitizing first, they may contract the virus. 

Now that you know how it spread, let’s move on to HOW you can curb it!

1. Practice social distancing

Stay AT LEAST 6 feet away from others especially when in public places like malls, bus stops, the workplace etc. This is to ensure that the risk of being exposed to the virus can be reduced.


2. Wear a mask

This will help reduce the risk of spreading the virus both by human transmission and by airborne transmission. (Always keep a spare one with you just in case!) 


3. Practice good hygiene by washing your hands

Remember to wash them with soap for at least 10 seconds and to use a sanitizer after touching things in public like elevator buttons, door handles, carts and etc! 


4. Avoid crowded areas

like malls, sporting places, hotels and etc! (These places usually have adequate ventilation for the virus to thrive in). 


5. Stay home and isolate yourself when sick

Avoid meeting people and continue practicing good hygiene! Take care of yourself by hydrating and eating healthy meals to recuperate faster. Keeping a distance from others means protecting others from risks.


6. Make it a habit to clean and disinfect your home!

This is especially important for surfaces that are frequently touched by people like tables, chairs, door knobs and etc. You can do this by wiping the surfaces with disinfectants, and to have a bottle of hand sanitizer at your disposal always!

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