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Do's and don'ts in health checkups

Here are some practical tips that may be helpful in preparing for your visit to our clinics/centres. Please check with the front counter of the relevant clinic for more information on any necessary preparation, if any.

  1. Please attend your appointment on time. The checkup registration counter will be open as

KL Medical Clinic:

Monday – Friday
9am – 6pm

9am – 1pm

  1. Please fast for at least 8 hours before the check-up. Plain water is allowed.
  2. No alcohol drinks at least 24 hours prior to appointment as drugs and alcohol may affect some tests.
  3. Avoid staying up late as lack of sleep has been known to affect blood glucose and blood pressure levels and can influence other tests as well.
  4. You may continue your regular medication such as medication for hypertension, fits, heart problem and asthma (bring along your inhaler) during the appointment. Check with your doctor if it would be possible for you to postpone your routine morning medication until your blood sample is taken.
  5. Please DO NOT take your diabetic medicine on the morning of your check-up day. Please bring along the medicine with you as you may take it after all the fasting procedures are completed.
  6. Please DO NOT wear jewelry as it may be inconvenient during X-ray procedures and other tests.
  7. If you have been scheduled an ultrasound scan, make sure you drink several glasses of water before the scan as a full bladder creates a convenient path for the ultrasonic waves in the scan.

Reminder for females

  1. Not have vaginal sex for two days before your pap smear test.
  2. Not use tampons, vaginal creams or medicines, birth control foams or jellies, lubricants or douches for at least two days before the test.
  3. Please reschedule your appointment if you are pregnant, possibly pregnant or having menses.



  1. 请按时赴约,登记柜台营业时间为

KL Medical Clinic:


9am – 6pm


9am – 1pm


    1. 请禁食至少8小时,可饮用白开水。
    2. 检查日前至少24小時內避免喝含咖啡因及酒精飲料。
    3. 请避免熬夜,以免影响血糖以及血压等检测指数。
    4. 如现正在服用慢性药物,请继续服用,无需停药,包括:高血压,心脏病,抗心律不整药物,抗癫痫药物,抗焦药物,重症肌无力药物。气喘患者请务必随身携带支气管扩张剂备用。
    5. 糖尿病患,检查当天早上请勿服用或注射药物。但请务必随身携带,并于於空腹项目检查完后再服用。
    6. 请勿佩戴首饰,它会造成X射线检查和其他检查不便进行。
    7. 建議做超音波前,要先喝一大杯水,讓膀胱充滿尿液,有助超音波穿透膀胱、檢查器官。
    8. 女士该注意事项:
    9.  进行子宫颈抹片检查2天前请:
      – 避免性行为。
      – 避免阴道冲洗/使用药物(除了医生指示外),避免使用阴道避孕药。


      1. 进行子宫颈抹片检查2天前请:
      – 避免性行为。
      – 避免阴道冲洗/使用药物(除了医生指示外),避免使用阴道避孕药。
      2 .怀孕或有可能怀孕及生理期间的妇女,不适宜做体验,请延期。