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Kuala Lumpur HQ: Covid-19 Testing

Our Services

– Drive-Thru Covid-19 Testing in Kuala Lumpur & Johor Bahru

– On-Site Screening Available All States (Min. 20 Pax)

– Rates are negotiable for bulk purchase

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Types of Covid-19 Testing


• Lab Report Within: 24 Hours

• High Sensitivity (>98%)

• High Specificity (100%)

• Recognized by MOH as Gold Standard for Covid-19 diagnostic test

• Multiplex Assay From Spain Evaluated by FIND & WHO

Normal Price: RM150 Per Pax

Promotional Price: RM125 Per Pax (Use  Voucher Code: CARE25)

*Senior Citizens & Children: RM120 Per Pax

* Promo rate only applicable for Raffles Hospital customer


• Lab Report Within 6-8 Hours

• High Sensitivity (>85%)

• High Specificity (100%)

• Recognized by MOH as a rapid screening method for Covid-19

Normal Price: RM40 Per Pax

Promotional Price: RM15 Per Pax (Use Voucher Code: CARE25)

* Promo rate only applicable for Raffles Hospital customer

Steps for Covid-19 Testing (Drive-Thru)

Service Highlights

Drive-thru Testing

On-site Testing

98% Accuracy

Bulk Testing Available

Top Frequently Asked Questions

  • Who is eligible for the COVID-19 Drive-Thru Screening Services?

    – ALL individuals WITHOUT symptoms who wishes to screen for COVID-19.
    – Individuals WITH symptoms, but NO history of travelling overseas.
    – Individuals WITH symptoms, but NO history of contact with known case of COVID-19.

  • Which test does your lab offer for Covid-19 testing?

    We offer RT-PCR diagnostic test and RTK Antigen diagnostic test.

    Covid-19 RT-PCR is recognized by MOH as gold standard for Covid-19 diagnostic test.

    Covid-19 RTK Antigen is recognized by MOH as a rapid screening method for Covid-19 diagnostic test.

  • How sensitive is the test?

    RT-PCR has a high level of accuracy with >98% sensitivity and 100% specificity. 

    RTK Antigen requires shorter processing time and has  >85% sensitivity and 100% specificity. 

  • Do I need to make advance payment?

    Yes, advance payment is required prior to conducting the COVID-19 Drive-Thru Screening Services.

  • If I want to request for individuals or companies’ on-site screenings services at my own premise, how fast can the participating medical clinic dispatch a team to collect sample?

    Once the request is confirmed, the mobile team will be arranged to the premise within 1-2 days for sample collection.

  • For request of individuals or companies’ on-site screenings services, how long does the test take once the Medical Team arrives at my premise?

    The test will take less than 5 minutes per patient. The overall time taken will be dependent on the number of pax that are requested to do the testing. 

  • Does KLIHC take walk-in patient?

    Yes. We do accept walk-in. However, walk-in without prior appointment will be subject to a longer waiting time.  

  • How different is the COVID-19 Drive-Thru Screening Services provided by the medical clinic as compared to the other service providers?

    – We employ a technique called PCR (Polymerase Chain Reaction) to run the test, which has a higher sensitivity to detect COVID-19 compared to the Rapid Test provided by some service providers.
    – PCR technique has an accuracy rate of 98%, whereas many Rapid Tests in the market has an accuracy of less than 80%. Some as low as 60%.
    – Our labs have also been prepared and verified to have met the stringent requirements set by MOH Malaysia. We are proud to say that to-date, we are one of the very few in the country that meets their standard.
    – With the additional transportation charges aside, the fee includes the Personal Protective Equipment (PPEs) used by our professionals during the sampling. These PPEs are disposed off after every use and is not recycled.

  • What should I do after receiving confirmed appointment for a COVID-19 Drive-Thru Screening Services?

    On Appointment Day

    1) Avoid heavy meals, 2 hours prior to appointment.
    2) Drive to the screening station.
    3) Show NRIC and proof of payment (bank slip).
    4) Remain in your vehicle and allow swab to be taken (estimated within 10 minutes).

  • What happens after the swab testing?

    1) Test results will be ready within 24-48 hours and the result will be informed via email. 

    2) If the test result is positive for COVID-19, result will be sent to Institute for Medical Research, Malaysia (IMR) for further evaluation. The individual involved and Pejabat Kesihatan Daerah (PKD) will also be notified.

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