Service Overview

Our Traditional Chinese Medicine clinic is fused with modern medicinal technologies to provide accurate consultations and treatments to bring the best of the Chinese medicine.

Our Services

  • 登记费 Registration Fees
  • 看诊 Consultation
  • 拔罐 Cupping
  • 针灸 Acupuncture
  • 刮痧 Scraping
  • DDS 经络疏通 DDS Meridian Dredging
  • 自律神经检测 ANS Watch
  • 中药内服 Chinese Herbal Medication

Services Price List

  • 登记费 Registration Fees (初诊 – RM4 | 复诊 – RM2)
  • 看诊 Consultation  (RM30 – RM60)
  • 拔罐 Cupping (RM30 – RM50)
  • 针灸 Acupuncture (RM50 – RM80)
  • 刮痧 Scraping (RM10 – RM20)
  • DDS 经络疏通 DDS Meridian Dredging (0.5 Hour: RM 120.00 | 1.0 Hour: RM180.00 | 2.0 Hour: RM300.00)
  • 自律神经检测 ANS Watch (RM158)
  • 中药内服 Chinese Herbal Medication (RM 1.50 – RM2.00 / per gram)除了特定药物 Except for selected herbal medication

Package Price List

  • 针灸配套 Acupuncture Package (RM450 – 5次 Visitations | RM 900 – 10+1 次 Visitations)
  • DDS经络疏通配套 DDS Package (RM 1400.00 – 10 HOUR)

Service Highlights

Experienced team of doctors

Comfortable and hygienic environment

Supported by the latest in medical advancement

Provides acupuncture, tuina and scrapping

Our Equipment

Medical Walk-In Process

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Professional Consultation

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Quick Turnaround-Time

With the convenience of our in-house lab, get accurate results in half the time!

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